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Who is Karin Yehling?

- Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from California State University Fullerton

- 11 years in physical therapy field
- A Personal Trainer since 1991

- Certified Personal Trainer w/ American Council on Exercise (ACE)
- Certified Personal Trainer w/ National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
- Sports Fitness Specialist w/ National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-SFS)
- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist w/ National Strength & Conditioning Assn. (CSCS)

"Your Health is Your Best Investment."

“Health, fitness and sports have been a staple in my life since I can remember. As a child, I played any sport that involved a ball; basketball, tennis, softball, football etc. On the playground I was always running around playing tag, hopscotch or climbing the monkey bars. I played basketball and softball thru high school. I continued on with softball, playing first at Palomar Community College. I then played Division 1 softball at Cal State Fullerton. I ended my junior year, and my college career, on the operating room table with my third shoulder surgery. This was the turning point that defined my professional life as a personal trainer. I went thru over 1 year of physical therapy on my shoulder. That experience led me into the field where I worked as a Physical Therapy Aide for 11 years. During this time I acquired skills and knowledge beyond what any books and classes could have taught me. I found a niche in working with people with injuries or who are trying to bridge the gap between the rehabilitation environment and the gym. In addition, my comfort in working with the senior population seems to be second-nature to me.

I have now been a certified personal trainer since 1991. I have broadened my scope of practice by including a certification in strength and conditioning. I feel this is a good combination to include those clients who are competitive athletes or those who want to train like one. I hold 5 different training certifications; all with different philosophies. These bases of knowledge combined with the foundation of physical therapy practices and my own athletic involvement have given me the well-rounded philosophies to truly call myself a professional.”

......................... Karin Yehling


What makes me different than the other personal trainers out there?

I have worked in many different gym environments, so I was able to do a little “on-the-job research” to answer this question. The first few characteristics have to do with safety: I will always provide you with the benefit of my education, attention to detail and undivided. I will also elaborate on my listening skills, my “ego-check-at-the-door” attitude, patience, reliability and well-roundedness.

EDUCATION = SAFETY. My education not only came from the classroom but also from working hands-on with my mentors, who are Physical Therapists. I’ve always believed that if you want to better yourself, you need to be around people that know more than you. If you can put your ego aside, you’ll learn from these people. That’s what I did by working in the physical therapy field for 11 years. I still contact these mentors (friends) when I have a question. I continually go to classes to better my knowledge of training and to keep abreast of new information. I read established journals and health magazines. I have also received certifications from the most recognized personal training certification agencies.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL = SAFETY. Many exercises must be done with perfect form to be regarded as safe and effective. I make sure my clients do their exercises properly by watching and cueing, both visually and verbally. If a client can’t do it correct, he/she doesn’t do it at all.

UNDIVIDED ATTENTION = SAFETY. I once had a client tell me that she used to watch all the trainers at the gym and because I was the only one who truly paid attention to their client, she chose me as her trainer. When a client pays money, the very least we can do as trainers is give them our undivided attention. Isn’t this a nice built-in safety net?

NETWORKING. I work occasionally with doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors. I’m confident enough in what I do and my abilities to convey it to one of these professionals. When necessary, it’s nice to be able to discuss a client with his/her doctor to find the best way to approach a problem. I think if the entire medical field worked this way, better results would be achieved.

PATIENCE. I have spent much of my career working with seniors. My work with them continues to this day. What I have come to understand is this: their bodies do not adapt to workouts or recover from them as they used to. Nor do a lot of people in the training, conditioning and therapy fields take time to understand their physiology in this regard. This includes the healing process and strength gains. I try to instill in my senior clients the need to be patient with their training program to avoid injury. If they are injured or coming off an illness, it simply takes longer to recover than it did 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

I have found seniors to be the most realistic group of people to train because their goals are practical and attainable.

LISTENING. I listen to what my clients want to achieve with their fitness program. This includes not only going over their programs, but also addressing any fears they may harbor, along with current or recent injuries or illnesses. We work together to make our time together fun and safe while keeping our eyes on the ultimate goal.

WELL-ROUNDEDNESS: Not only do I have the physical therapy background but I also participated in athletics for most of my life, often at the national level. I’ve worked extensively with seniors, those with orthopedic issues, low-functioning adults, and athletes. My certifications are from an abundant number of philosophies and I’m comfortable giving nutritional coaching. I can train a person in a wheelchair or an athlete wanting to develop power to jump higher or run faster.

RELIABILITY: I show up to my appointments on time – every time.

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