"I played sports through high school and college, but in my thirties I became 60 pounds overweight and developed asthma. In my mid forties I was ashamed to be much less fit than 70 year olds I saw dancing, and I realized that I had to do something. I didn't have the discipline to work out on my own and I knew I needed help to safely get fit. So I meet with Karin three times a week, and I cannot believe how I have improved. I am back to college weight, and Karin's functioning tests show that I now move like a firefighter fifteen years younger than I am. I get personal, customized attention from Karin, and I appreciate that she cleans the equipment in her private gym facility after each use! I have regained my health and I have Karin to thank for it."

~ Sherre L.

"I've known Karin for about 10 years. A highly motivating trainer, she will put you through a fantastic functional training session that will be challenging and designed to fit your fitness level.

For me, Karin knows that I love being challenged. I was a hard core weightlifter for years. In my younger days, my leg presses were 860 lbs. Yes, I love a good challenge. Karin can have me sweating in no time flat. My heart rate will be reaching cardio level and I'm not killing myself doing hard core weightlifting anymore.

Functional training is the best. Nowadays, I enjoy horseback riding and I need to be strong without any stiffness. Functional training will keep you fit without the bulky muscles.

Karin is a qualified trainer. Her experience is superior to what I have seen in a larger gym. The training facility is clean, has plenty of parking spaces and is well located in West Hills. You should come and try it sometime!"

~ Carole Rodin

I was referred to Karin by a friend in 2007. I wasn't really into exercising but I decided to give her a try. I'm so glad I did. She makes working out fun and I actually look forward to my sessions. I definitely see an improvement in my strength and stamina. She really knows how to keep you motivated. She kicks your butt...in a good way :)

~ Tonie O.

"I have trained with this trainer for many years and I credit her with maintaining my strength and weight, and reminding me of my nutritional needs. If you are a personal training first timer or have tried it before, I highly suggest you give it a try."

~ B.K.

Okay, I have had to face the fact that I don't work out unless I have a trainer. The nice thing is that this gym has a small group rate per session that is very low, and yet Karin still personalizes the exercises for each of us. She calls if I don't show up, too. We do functional fitness, which means we do all sorts of different exercises with our body weight, or with weights, or TRX straps, or ropes, weighted balls, pulleys and weights, and other stuff. In a one hour session we do five different sets of six different exercises quickly, with a minute rest between sets, plus warmup before and stretch afterwards. It's always changing, it's a good workout, and I feel so much more strong and flexible, and happy. Karin is also really sharp - she spotted I was dragging during some workouts, and asked me what I had been eating. After enough times I got it - eating too many sweets or cereal the day before caused it. Now I pay more attention to what I eat, and I feel better for it. I would have NEVER connected those dots.

~ S.L.

"I received several private "personal trainer" sessions as a gift about 3 years ago and was referred to Karin, the owner of Function First Fitness. I was 48 years old at the time and in okay shape. I have always been athletic, but have a few physical issues that need to be considered as I exercise. Karin started me out with private sessions to really get to know my body's strengths and weaknesses. Her goal was to find a challenging work out that would not injure me. One might think this should be the goal of all personal trainers, but it definitely had not been my experience in the past.

After my private sessions, I was moved into a class which was much more economical and enabled me to continue to exercise several times a week. Karin considers the physical challenges of each member of the class each week when creating our workout stations. We all use most of the equipment, just in different ways.

I would recommend Function First Fitness to anyone looking for a small gym atmosphere with a knowledgeable and qualified trainer who charges affordable prices and truly cares about her clients."

~ Corrine Draper

"I've started going here a couple of weeks ago and I can already tell that I made the right choice in going here. Karin is a pleasure to work with. She is also the ultimate professional, a real credit to her profession. I was impressed that the first thing I was asked to do was fill out a form that went over all of my medical conditions/history, and meds. And diet was also addressed during my sessions. Always important, but especially for me, because I have multiple serious medical conditions and am taking meds for them. These things are frequently overlooked by so many other trainers who use a one-size-fits-all approach. I have been through years of physical therapy and I have already learned everything the hospital's physical therapists could think of to show me that was appropriate for my back health and arthritis in my hands. Now I realize that while they weren't bad, they didn't know near as much as Karin does. In just 3 sessions, I have doubled that information! I already have a home routine tailored just for my specific needs, and I know I'm on the right track. BTW, I'm a generally healthy person these days despite my issues, and I was looking for someone to take me to the next level and guide me in getting to perfect health and to not only tone my body so it not only looks good, but makes me truly healthier and help me keep feeling better physically. I know from experience that the better shape my body is in, the less my arthritic hand pain bothers me. If you're at all concerned about being truly healthy, stop going to those meat-market bars (oops, I mean gyms) and gung-ho personal trainers who just want to show you who's boss, and come here. No matter where your health is at right now, good or bad, this is the place to go to improve yourself. Very reasonable pricing as well. You really couldn't ask for more."

~ P.M.

Karin is awesome! I came to her after shattering my knee which had me laid up for 7 months. I was barely walking when she started working with me. I credit her for being able to climb a flight of stairs today. She's very knowledgable and knows exactly the perfect pace needed and makes it a blast at the same time. My appointments with her are the only reason I workout. I'd never make to the gym otherwise.

~ Renee R.

I reviewed FFF for the first time a year ago and Karen asked me why I had only given it 4 stars. Was I not pleased? My response was that not enough time had passed for a thorough assessment but that if I was still with her a year later she would get her 5 stars. I have stayed with her and enjoyed the work outs. The group dynamics are solid, the equipment clean and serviceable. In my previous review I stated fair value for money spent and I'll upgrade that to great value. Staying with the program has served my body well.?

~Bob de Braal

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