Function First Fitness takes a personal, customized approach to your health and conditioning needs. Our mission is to work with you to develop and implement a personal training program that fulfills your fitness goals—whether they pertain to rehabilitation, general conditioning and/or cardiovascular conditioning. All tools to improving your quality of life.

Function First Fitness is special because it’s all about you! Your program is customized to your particular needs. With an effective 7 Point Assessment, your needs can be pinpointed and catered to. A program made for you, set at your pace in a private setting! FINALLY!


Beginning a fitness regime with a new trainer can be a scary endeavor. You don’t know what to expect and you’re apprehensive because you’ve watched “The Biggest Loser” one too many times. I don’t condone that type of training, and your experience with me will be completely different. At the first session, we will get to know one another. You ask questions, I ask questions. First impressions are most important right? You’ll see that I’m not a hulking, scary personal trainer.

During the first session, I will have you fill out a thorough health history questionnaire (I usually email this to you beforehand). We will go over your health issues in detail. I will help you set goals, some specific, some broad. We will look into your diet and see what needs improving based on your goals.

If you are able, I will have you perform the Functional Movement Screen. This is a test consisting of 7 basic (not so basic anymore) movements, called the 7 Point Assessment. This shows me your flexibility, coordination, stability, balance, and strength. From these results, I come up with the foundation of your training program.

The next sessions are geared towards improving your movement patterns, working on your goals, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility work, strength training, nutritional counseling, balance & stabilization (core) training. As we go along I’ll educate you about health & fitness and how it pertains to you and your life in general.

After you’re done with your workout, you should feel invigorated and have a sense of accomplishment. You’ll gain confidence as you get stronger. I expect you to work hard but I also want you to enjoy yourself. It really doesn’t take long to see and FEEL a difference. That’s what my programs are about.


Semi-private training is a hit at Function First Fitness! The groups are small but the energy is big! This isn’t like any ordinary group training. By keeping the groups small, we’re able to make sure your exercises are being done correctly and we can customize any exercise, if needed. We’ll make sure you get the most out of each exercise and each workout. Before beginning, each person must go through an evaluation and movement screen. This will give us the information to make sure each exercise is a benefit to you. If your movement screen score is low, it will be recommended that you go through a one-on-one personal training package to improve your movement skills. By doing this, we reduce your chances of being injured and/or doing the exercises improperly. So, if your goal is to burn calories, lose weight, get fit, and feel great, this is for you!

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